Dave of Hell in the Club

Interview with Dave of Hell in the Club 24.01.2012r.

Are you planning maybe the release of another album in the near future? If yes, tell us, what it will be?

Dave: Of course!! After a year full of gigs, we really feel the need to make a new album and actually we are writing the first new songs. It’s definitely too early to say how will it sound like, but I’m sure it’ll be a rock’n’roll album full of great melodies and energy. We will start from “Let the Games Begin” and bring it to the next level!

Does Hell in the club have some influence on the Elvenking?

No way. HITC and EK are two different bands, with different people involved. There might be some connection since I’m the singer of both but fortunately the two projects stand on their own and they are far too different musically to be one the influence of the other. Talking about my involvement they reflect two different sides of me and that’s why I find it great to work with both without any difficulty.

Where do you get inspiration for your music in HITC? Where did this name of the band come from?

When it comes to write lyrics my inspiration comes from my life, as usual. When I write music…well this musical style was part of my life since I was a kid and I grew up with bands like Guns n Roses, Motley Crue, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and so on…so it’s so natural for me to write a song in this vein.
Talking about the name, Andy was the one who came up with HELL IN THE CLUB. He was inspired by the Wrestling show called “hell in the cell”. And he thought that being a rock’n’roll band, we are kind of fighters ..but on a stage…usually in clubs.. this is the idea behind HELL IN THE CLUB!

With which musicians of the similar music genre would You like to play and where?

There are too many to mention actually. Any of the big rock stars of the past would make my day. Musicians like Brian May or Slash would be perfect! 😉

Isn’t he afraid of his image, which was formed in Elvenking, when he plays in the HITC? Those are the two different worlds of music.

Actually I’m just worried about my passion and about what I really want to do, about what makes me feel good. Image? Since I’ll be myself, I will never be worried about my image. I think that art and music must be a way to be free and not a way to lock yourself with chains…there are way too many chains in life. I choose to live music in total freedom..at least one thing in life with no rules 🙂

Did any funny moments occur during concerts in your career with the band HITS ? And if so, could you tell something about them?

Well there are a lot of funny moments all the time. When you pick up 4 crazy bastards and put them together, there’s always something to laugh (or actually cry) about 😉 Obviously the funniest can’t be told 😉

What would you say to polish music fans to persuade them to your music?

I’d just say that if they enjoy heavy rock’n’roll music made of great melodies, passion and energy, they should check HELL IN THE CLUB. If you’re into the great bands of the past but still like a modern touch in rock, you should check us out!

What is so special in your music, that makes you unique among the other rock’n roll bands?

I think that the special connection that lives between the four of us made us do a special album and we could see this through all what we achieved during our first year of activity. Without a big record deal we made things that are really hard to get when you’re a newcomer. So we’re really proud of this!

Are you planning bigger tours in Europe, or maybe, you will remain on the smaller ones?

We have received some offers this year, but we decided to focus on the new album and then see what we can do. As a newcomer it’s always hard to embrak on a great tour without a large support from record companies. So we prefer making “safe” shows for the time being and write a great new album!

What are your plans (dreams), that you would like to fulfill with HITC in the future?

Dreams for bands are always the same…get bigger stages, bigger sales..bla bla. Actually we made this band with one main goal and that is…have fun and have a good time writing great songs. That’s all we’d like to fulfill..if we get more? Well we can only be happy for that!

Who is the initiator of the creation of HITC? It’s well known, that you all have your „home” bands?

Andy’s the guy! He wanted to make his own rock n roll band since years but never found the right people or the right moment. With HELL IN THE CLUB everything was in place..so..here we are! 🙂

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