How did the created Darkplain band? Who came out with the initiative of creating a band?
Darkplain was founded at the end of 2010. Heart and head of the band are Walla and Rayne. Both played already in several bands and benefit from their comprehensive experience. At one summer night in 2010, Walla and Rayne sat around the campfire, each one of them with a glass of wine in their hands. Wrapped within the black night, illuminated by thousands of small lights, bright and warm. And even the candle, standing on the table, throws a shadow in the moonlight. Rayne smiled gently. „I want to make music as requested by my heart. It is so much easier to write about dark music.“, and darkplain was born. In 2011 „theALex“ joined the band and finally in 2012 RobIn joined the band. Now the band is complete.

Where did the idea for the bandname „darkplain“ came from?
Basically the idea was to create something simple and plain, something which reflects the main thoughts of the scene, without any frills. We tried to translate it into Polish hopefully, we did it right, so it means kind of – prosty ciemność -. From our point of view darkplain was the perfect solution and here we are.

February 18th will release the single „Where Are You”, what can you say about this track?
Yeah the time has come, on Feb 18, 2013, our new single „Where are you“ will be released. It is the first single which will be released from our new album and the special feature is we already published a respective music video related to that song. It is already available on you tube just check out the link below and decide for yourself, if you like us or not. 🙂

Is the single „Where Are You”, announces a new album?  Can you tell something about it? What will your new album differ from your debut?
Yes Sir, it does. It is a foretaste of our second album, called „Moon“. Currently we are still recording, but almost the half of it, is done. Therefore we are very proud to share already the first little pieces of art with all of you. That is a very good question, where is the difference between the two albums. We think our debut , „breath“ was ok, but actually not grounded enough. We tried a lot of different kinds of styles, to find our way. „Moon“ will be more emotional. We try to get right under your skin. It is our goal to be there to share emotions and feelings  , not just to entertain you, but also to support you in times of trouble, with our music.

What about touring? When can we see you in Poland?
We do really seriously think about touring through Europe and of course Poland. But the problem is, if you do not exactly know  the country, you are touring through. It is very hard to find the right location to play in. So therefore we would be more than happy for each suggestion. We would love to play in Warszawa and anywhere else you want to have us 🙂 So feel free to contact us.

Do you have any other projects outside Darkplain?
Not yet. But music it is our passion, darkplain is our passion. There is no need to do anything else. We love what we are doing.

Which the bands, books or movies are your inspiration?
Oh that is a hard question, due to the fact that it is very intimate the way how you got to play music or the reason of your inspiration. And of course each member of darkplain has its own story. But nevertheless we try to answer your question

Rayne p. Grocks: inspired by Depeche Mode
Walla Letizia: inspired by strong women with strong voices such as Tarja Turunen (former main vocals at Nightwish)
The Alex: inspired by „the Offspring“ and other great Punk Rock bands and of course Tenacious D
RobIn: he has a lot of classical influences

As you can see we all have different kinds of influences but we think, it is our biggest advantage.

Who directed the music video for song „Where Are You” ? Where the idea for the music video?
The video was directed and planned by „the Alex“ and his team, Sylvia and Andreas. We had such a great support. Many thanks to everyone who helped us, to realize the whole thing and we are very proud of the result.

Do you want to tell something to your Polish fans?
Yes of course. We really want to meet you all in person. Few months ago we had the great honour to meet some of your fellow countrymen. We never experienced that kind of hospitality before. They were so kind and yes we want to experience that again. We are looking forward to meet you in Poland.

Bye and take care.

Rayne p. Grocks, Walla Letizia, the Alex and RobIn
aka darkplain