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Interview with Crysalys 20.08.2011r.


How did you get together Crysalys? and where the idea for this bandname?
Crysalys: It was back in 2004. I was just a young dark lady in love with symphonic black metal, though I already had a big and natural attitude for classical singing. Alessandro (our drummer) and I decided to create a band in which our influences could merge, still relying on the melodic death metal groove we were keen on, but wrapping it around a shining and dramatic female voice. The idea of our name came in no time. It was obviously inspired by the chrysalis, symbol of evolution, birth and freedom; a butterfly that needed to be unveiled genlty, to let it fly towards more brilliant skies. Crysalys started coming to the fore in 2007, with their first official EP „WHite Lotus On Ancheron’ Shores”, then with the mini-CD „…And Let The Innocence Dream”. That sound and that line-up, however, are long since forgotten. The current (and hopefully definitive) line-up is stable since September 2009 and has led to a natural evolution of our songwriting and our sound, that we like to define as „Post-Opera”!

In few words, can you tell me something about yourself and about other members of the band?
I am a classical trained soprano. At the moment I am studying with my teacher in Florence and also attending the music academy to earn a degree in Belcanto. I feel most comfortable with repertoires from Verdi, Puccini and Mozart. Fabio (our keyboard player since 2009) is studying composition and electronic music at the music academy. Alessandro (our drummer) and Giuseppe (our bass player since 2009) have had a musical education as well; they studied their own instruments with private teachers, then they went on on their own. They even enriched their experiences by playing with bands which were very distant from our sound, ranging from death to thrash metal, for instance.

Your debut album „The Awakening of Gaia” will be release on September 23, can you tell me something about this?
We can’t wait for the release of the album! The recording sessions ended on September 13th, 2010. It happened almost one year ago, but the production involved big names and took a little longer. The album was recorded in Langhirano (here in Italy), at Real Sound Studios. The mixing, instead, was done by Chris Donaldson in Canada, then the cd moved to Finland and was mastered at Finnvox Studios. Travis Smith is the author of the artwork and you’ll agree with us when we say that he has done a wonderful work!

And please, can you tell me more about recording the album? Who wrote the lyrics, who composed the music? Who inspired you when you was working on the album?
The most interesting thing about this album is probably the fact that we wrote it almost without the support of any guitarist. Most of the harmonies were written by Fabio, then Alessandro wrote the guitars and the drums. Less frequently we procedeed vice versa. Fabio and I are definitely the dreamers of the group and it was up to us to think about the concept and write the lyrics. There are some recurrent themes in our lyrics, those we are fond of and those that left their own mark on our life: opera, nature, magic…

The first song promoting your album has a great video, tell me something about this, and are you going make other videos?
We’re so glad that you like the video. The final result is actually something we’re really proud of. As for the scenery and the storyboard, Fabio had a few good ideas on his mind, which could be easily carried out in a professional way without losing impact. We got in touch with Salvatore Perrone, a young director who already made his mark in the metal scene, and he did a great job with it! We chose “The Awakening Of Gaia” (the title-track of the album) as a single because this song contains all the peculiarities of our sound and summarizes the basic concept of the album. In the video the band is playing in a locked room slowly invaded by nature; meanwhile in the depths of the Earth Gaia, the Mother, gets tired of men’s abuse of power. She awakens and screams for vengeance against the human race. Afterwards, other characters of the album make their entrance. We obviously wish to shoot another video, since we all agree on the fact that our music expresses its own best when it is supported by images, like any self-respecting work of art.

Can we expect the tour because of release your new album?
Of course, we can’t end this story without some live promotion. A real tour would be the ideal solution, but we still have to consider which country is what we really need to spread our music. Do you think Poland would receive us with open arms? 🙂

Do you have any other projects outside the band Crysalys?
To be honest, Opera takes all my time and energies. Opera and Crysalys are enough for me, and it’s is already pretty hard. We’ve already started writing the next album, and the songwriting is more and more aimed to enhance my voice; so, I don’t need to work on other project because I can already get the most from my voice with Crysalys.

Chiara, how did you started your story with music?
Since I was a child, I’ve always loved singing, but actually I only started studying modern singing at the age of 18, in a private school. A few years later, encouraged by my vocal coach and some experts who discovered a natural talent in me, I started studying opera. To be honest, I started taking it seriously in autumn 2008, when I met my current teacher in Florence, the capital of the Italian melodrama and the city that gave birth to the genre of opera. I made my debut on April 10th 2011 with Gluck’s “Orpheus and Eurydice”, playing the role of Eurydice. Last year I enrolled at the music academy. In the future I would like to teach this wonderful art that makes me proud of my Italian origins.

Is there any popular band with you want to work, or go on tour?
One of my dream was to sing with Roy Khan (ex Kamelot), but it seems he has left the metal scenes a few months ago so I think it wouldn’t be possible anymore… Anyway, there are so many bands in our genre that I appreciate and would like to share the stage with so that we can learn something from them.

And at the end, could you please tell something to your Polish fans?
First, I would like to thank you Patrycja for this nice review, and Bloodart for the support! I would also like to invite all of you, those who love symphonic female band and operatic voices in particular, to take a look at the first video from our upcoming album „The Awakening of Gaia”, which will be out on September 23rd. If you have joined Facebook, you can also subscribe to our official page to receive news and updates directly from the


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