Cold Cold Ground

Interview with Cold Cold Ground 11.10.2010r.

Cold Cold Ground

What can we expect from your new album? Can you define your music for people who have never heard you in order to entice them to buy your album or go to your gig?
I would say the music is dark and hard industrial rock wrapped in catching melodies. Our shows are very intensive and kind of disturbing with strange sexual feeling. It can terrify and turn you on at the same time.

Cold Cold Grodnu was fund in 2001. Now, 9 years later you released your debut album. What do you feel after it? And why we had to wait 9 years for your first album?
Actually Cold Cold Ground was founded in 2004. I started the project in 2001 by doing some demo tapes to convince musicians to join the band. The band became Cold Cold Ground after the bass player NooZ and the guitar player Mr. Bunny joined the band in 2004. The reason why it took so long to build up the debut album was that we simply had to find our way to express ourselves through Cold Cold Ground. We hardly were satisfied almost anything we did for the first few years. We wanted the band look and sound like Cold Cold Ground and it took time.

22nd of October you will play gig with Project Pitchfork. Do you think that this gig will be your chance or you don’t think like that?
It’s gonna be a blast. I don’t think it is going to change anything – even I hope it would – but we are so glad that we can give our support for such a great and legendary band as Project Pitchfork is. We supported another legend, KMFDM, last year.

Why Cold Cold Ground?s feather in the cap became just bunny? How did idea to dress up as bunny?
Mr. Bunny came to our very first band rehearsals wearing a bunny mask and so it has been ever since. There might be some unsolved problems behind the mask, or something… who ever knows.

Why did you decide to play this kind of music? What was your inspiration?
I have always liked synthetic music and hard rock separately, so it was very simple to start combining these two passions of mine. I get my inspirations from very different kind of things. Most of all I’m interested in pervert minds of the people.

Finnish music scene is famous for rock and metal bands like HIM or Apocalyptica. You are breaking that stereotype, playing industrial. Do you think that with moment of release your debut album Finland will be associate also with this music genre?
There’s an industrial music scene in Finland. There’s many good bands out there and I believe it is only a matter of time when Finnish industrial music hits big. I hope CCG will be there in the first wave!

How do you form all of your songs? Does anybody just write the lyrics while jamming the song gets to life or how do you do that?
Basically me and Mr. Bunny make songs at our own in our darkest moments and then we bring them to rehearsal room where the whole band brings them alive. Everyone in Cold Cold Ground has something to give up for every song.

What do you like the most in creating music?
Making a song is a trip into the darkest places in my mind. I like to visit there but don’t wish to stay there permanently, it easily gets a bit too scary place to stay. I like it though. I also like the feeling that comes after making a song many solid days going nowhere with it, but suddenly there comes up an idea that solves the whole song and gives it a totally new direction. But to answer to the question, I would say the most I like when I’m finished with a song and bring it to rehearsal room where the whole band brings it alive, then sometimes I notice that, wow, there was something in the song that I couldn’t see myself and the guys in the band made it a lot better song.

What is music for you?
It’s a way to relax and release my beasts. I couldn’t imagine my life without listening and making music.

What kind of music you listen privately?
I listen to almost every kind of music. It depends on feelings I’m going through. Usually I like to listen to punk and heavy music and of course industrial based music, like Ministry, Rammstein, KMFDM, Skinny Puppy, but also I like Classical music and Johnny Cash kind of stuff.

You have many fans from Chile to Poland. Do you want to say soething tto your fans?
I really want to thank every each one of you for supporting us so far! I promise that there will be a lot more good things coming up in the near future, so keep on following and supporting us, it means a lot to us.

What are your plans for the future?
We have a bunch of new songs that we want to start recording in the near future. Also we have planned touring in Finland and Europe. We are open for all offers.


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