Chri$ Wicked of Malice In Wonderland

Interview with Chri$ Wicked of Malice In Wonderland 29.12.2011r.

You released your debut album in 2005, since that time has passed for many years, what by this time has happened in the band Malice in Wonderland, and why You keep your all fans wait so long for a new album?

Chri$ Wicked: Good question and there is really no simple answer to that. One thing is that we have done allot during that time period, also released some songs (like „Love Cries”, „A Tear & a Whisper”, „Stars”, „City Angel” and „When Everything’s Red”) in addition to touring. We’ve also had some line up changes. It was not a plan that it would take so long to get a new album recorded, we are sorry we have not released a new record yet, but we do hope it will be worth the wait! In 2010 we built our own studio and started to record the songs we had written. However during the recordings we came up with so many great songs that we decided not to rush it, but rather take the time to make the best album possible.
We feel, that 2012 will be our comeback year ’cause we have not done much officially the last 2 years. We will for sure release music much more frequently after we release the new album. 2012 is the NEW beginning and we want YOU ALL to join us!!

I must admit, that intrigued me, the name of your band, Malice in Wonderland, why Malice and not Alice ? and who had the idea for the band name?

I came up with the name many, many years ago. At that time I had never heard it before and I thought it was a nice play of words just adding a „M” to „Alice In Wonderland”. I think the name still suit us well and and we are still very happy with it. To me, Malice In Wonderland is not just a band, it’s a way of life and „Malice In Wonderland” has been the „title” to my life.

For many people You are likened to the Finnish group HIM, although I personally believe, that your music sounds completely different, than Ville Valo’s band, and what do you think about these comparisons?

Yeah, sure we have heard that comparison, but as you, we feel our music sounds very different. We are in no way inspired by HIM, but I do know both HIM and MiW are inspired by some of that same artists and that could be why people compare us? When people hear our next album I think they will realize that we have our own and unique sound.

You played in different countries such as Norway, Germany, Italy and China. Is the audience reacted the same way on your music or maybe You’d seen differences in the behavior your fans?

There are some differences between audiences actually. In every country we feel the fans appreciate our music and our live shows but there is a difference on how they react. Some countries, like Finland for instance, people are more reserved, while in Asia the people standing in the back of the crowd are just as enthusiastic as the front row. We love playing live and we give 100% no matter who we play for and where. We always have a blast!

Song „Lucifer’s Town” was a hit on your debut album. Are You not afraid, that your fans can think on your second album will be song: „Lucifer’s Town part. 2”?

There will be no „Lucifer’s Town part 2” on the album and I’m not afraid that the fans will think so either. I have already written that song and feel no need in writing a copy. „Lucifer’s Town” has been a good song for us and the reaction when we play it live is always great. However our next album includes so many amazing tracks that people will not focus much on „Lucifer’s Town” after the new record is released, but rather on all the great songs featured on „The Royal Brigade”.

Because we talk about your song „Lucifer’s Town”, can You tell us, what was your inspiration to write this song ? Are You wrote this song with view to a Norwegian town?

I first came up with the piano intro while sitting and messing around on the piano I had at the time. I thought it was cathcy and wanted to build a song around that. The rest of the song came pretty natural after that, bu It had no particular town in mind when I wrote it though.

In 2012 will be released your second album „The Royal Brigade”, can You tell us, something about this album ? What was inspired to the creation of this CD and what can We expect of this album?

The songs been written over the last couple of years and it’s a really, really solid album we’ve now recorded. This record will show people what Malice In Wonderland is all about. We have come up with a very varied material and there will be fast songs, slow songs and everything in between. We are proud of what we have become musically. Just keeping it melodic and exiting all the way.
The album title represent the way we look upon ourselves and the way we look upon the people who believe in us and support us. Together we ARE The Royal Brigade! We have been through allot of crap, but we have ride out the storm and have come out stronger in the end. And more importantly we are more hungry than ever and have a great bunch of new material that we can`t wait to show off! We are in a phase now that we are starting to shop for a record deal and we will release it when all those things are sorted out.

You recorded a Christmas song „When Everything’s Red”, where the idea of recording this song?

It was actually last Christmas that I came up with the idea for this song. Driving in my car listening to the radio, it just hit me that there’s not many Christmas songs I actually like, so I started working on this song, with that in mind. If it’s possible to write a Christmas song that we actually would like our selves. And trying to do it it really Christmas-ish, especially with the lyrics. This December, we had just teared down our studio, so we set up a little studio at Tracy’s place where me and Tracy completed the song before we recorded it. It does not really sound like a Malice song, but Malice songs generally do not sound like Christmas songs either so that’s probably why 😉

You are playing on gigs songs from bands like: The Rolling Stones or Guns N’Roses, so I think, that You like covers, and my question is: do You think about recording album with covers?

We like to do covers but we like to change it up from time to time, so most covers we just play once or twice live before we replace them with something else. If we will do a whole album with covers is hard to tell. Maybe we will someday if there’s a demand for it cause it sure is something that would be fun to do.

How looks music market in Norway ? Popular are the black metal sounds or maybe pop music?

There is a big black metal scene in Norway with allot of great bands. However those band are mainly popular abroad although they of course also have a following in Norway. I think Norway is pretty similar to most countries that it’s the pop genre that is the most popular and my country have always looked to the US and the UK when it comes to musical trends. I do hope the RnB/rap/crap scene will face a quick death sooner than later though.

I know, that Malice in Wonderland has in Poland not a small group of fans. So I want to ask You, do You know any Polish words or bands?

I don’t know any polish words unfortunately, but I do hope Malice will be able to play in Poland soon so we can learn some words first hand! When it comes to bands, I have always been fond of Behemoth. Other bands I know are Decapitated and Vader amongst others. I have always been in the „metal scene” so that’s the genre I know the best. If you have any tips for other great polish artists, please let me know!

Are You planning a promotional tour your second album in 2012? If yes, tell us, where we will be able to hear and see You?

We will tour after the release, but where is to early to say since nothing is planned yet.

What do You think of television programs like X Factor or I Got Talent? Would You like to take part in such programs? or rather You would like to be independent? Do You think, that such television programs show a real talents?

I don’t like those programs as I don’t think those shows produce „real” talents, although I’m sure that there are some exceptions. The shame is though that real talents have to compete with these „idols” as they are the ones who get the record deals and the real promotion. When all those shows spits out so many more or less talentless „artists” it gets harder to spot the real talents of this world.
You know music is not just about a pretty face and a decent voice. It’s so much more to real music than that. Music with soul isn’t written by producers, manufactured to please as many as possible. Sung by a pretty face that’s thrown into it without any experience other than singing in the shower. That’s not real music and that’s not real artists and that’s one of the reason I feel that mainstream music is getting more and more boring every year.
The „artists” that comes from shows like this has no longevity. The people behind them make some good money but the „idol” is soon forgotten, replaced by the next „idol”. Those people are not my IDOLS. My idols are artists that lives and breaths music, that keep going on no matter how many times they got beat down and release quality music written by themselves.
Real artists like Axl Rose, Steven Tyler, Bob Dylan, Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison, would those guys ever join those contests? I doubt it, and if they did they probably wouldn’t reach the finals either cause many of those judges can spot real talents if their lives depended on it.

I’m very curious how You look at the process of composing new songs. Lyrics and music composes together, or maybe You have a divided the roles in the band?

When I write a song I usually write the music and lyrics together where the lyrics reflect the mood I get from the melodies. Other times Tracy write the music and I add the words and melodies to his guitar riffs and we arrange it together

Are there any bands / musicians with whom You would to go on tour or record some song?

There’s allot of band I would like to tour with and also record with. Old bands and new bands, it doesn’t matter as long as they play kick ass music and are fun guys to hang around!

What do You think about downloading MP3 files from the Internet? Do You think, that record companies today are already obsolete, because the band can publish itself and sell their recordings via the Internet?

This is a tough question. I actually think that record labels still has a role in the modern music market. This is because it is hard for artists to do everything yourself and with a professional label that knows what they are doing you can reach a much bigger audience. Internet has allot of good sides and has made it much easier for bands to reach their audience on their own. So I’m a big fan of downloading even though I still prefer Cd’s and vinyls. Illegal downloading I’m not fond of though. I’m not preaching anything here what people should and shouldn’t do but I want people to be aware of that if they download illegal it becomes impossible for artists to continue doing what they do. Records are still expensive to make and touring costs a fortune, so the money has to come from somewhere, that’s just how it is. So if you like a band, if you want them to continue making records and come to your country to play live, buy their music and everybody wins!

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