Carmen Gray (ang)

Interview with Carmen Gray 2.05.2010r.

Carmen Gray

Now you all are in studio, where you record new album. What we can expect from this album?
: The album is being recorded here and there. Whenever we have the time…
We´re all doing regular jobs too, so it´s a real hazzle from time to time. What to expect? Well, I guess you can expect to hear a more mature CG than the one your used to. Time goes by, people change… Music changes as well.

Is there any special studio story you remember?
Nothing exceptional. Every second in the studio is special and a privilege. Guess the funniest thing was when we had to drive our producer/mixer TT.Oksala to the bar „O´Malleys” after EVERY session, hahaha!

When you will release new album, single?
The new single is waiting to be delivered as we speak. It´s been recorded by Tero Kinnunen and mixed by Mikko Karmila. It will be available for Download this month! The name of the single is „Gates Of Loneliness”. We´ll let you know about the album on our site a.s.a.p.

You created song „Forever” with Monday, can we expect any similar work, with performances guests, or maybe just a once song on your new album album?
Now that you mention it… Yes. No further comments 😉

You’ performed few shows outside of Finland, for example in Romania, Japan? Is there still any place you really would like to play?
Germany has always been a place I would like to experience. And Italy, of course. And, and and… The list is endless.

Soon you will have few gigs in Germany. Are you planning other gigs outside Finland ?
Not at the moment no. At this time all our energy is focused on Germany.

What’s the craziest moment you?ve experienced or seen when playing live?
HA! Maybe the time one of my ex-girlfriends came to our show in Tavastia to the front of the stage drunk as a skunk. She was dancing around like a crazy person and started cursing at me. That was pretty crazy, haha.

Which one of Carmen Gray songs are you singing/playing favourite and why?
At the moment it´s a new one, that will be on the album for sure. And I LOVE „My Sweet Desire”.

On your few songs you are singing about rain. What kind of weather do you like? Do you like rainy days?
I like the rain sometimes, yeah. But mostly it SUCKS… I love the sun, don´t we all?

Can you tell us a little bit about each member of Carmen Gray? Any secrets?
We don´t have any secrets… (that we tell others)

What are you doing in your free time, if you don?t need think about recording, music, gigs…?
Working my ass off. Spending as much time as possible with my loved ones.

Nicklas, I know you love play Mafia Wars. Do you have any other addictions?
Rock n`Roll 😉

Who are your idols? For yourself and the band?
Too many to mention. Axl was the first idol that really inspired me in the beginning. Everyone in the band has different idols, so we get a good mixture when we play… Sometimes it´s complete and utter shit, but most of the time it works.

Are you afraid of something?

Without what you can’t imagine your life?
My wife.

Your favourite drink?
Orange juice.

Do you remember any embarassing mistake, which happend to you?
I don´t make mistakes.. hahaha.

What are your plans for the near future now??
Getting the album together and to promote it as well as we can. We´re doing it ourselves, now that we aren´t signed anymore. Let´s put it this way, atleast we can´t do a much worser job than the people in charge for the last two albums did. No offence.

I wish you a Gray-t summer and hope to see you all in front of the CG stage getting CRAZY soon! Keep Rocki´n!

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