Ari Koivunen (Amoral)

1. How do you remember your beginnings with singing? When you’ve took part of audition for Idol show, you were already sure of your talent?
– It all happened accidentally, I was playing drums for a cover band and our singer moved away so for a couple weeks I agreed to play and sing in band practise. Then we agreed we need to find a new singer or a new drummer and we found a drummer faster. I’ve never liked my voice myself but people seemed to enjoy it so I kept singing. I never intended to go to Idols either, but i guess this is how our lives go, we just go with the wind and see where life throws us.

2. After participating in the program, probably many bands have noticed your talent and wanted your vocal in their bands?
– I don’t know, I’ve done a lot of feature stuff and such, but I’m not your typical ”metalscene” guy, I don’t hang out in bars or anything, so I don’t really talk with musicians
outside from work a lot. Sure I’ve had some requests but really nothing I have took
seriously if it was a long term plan.

3. I’m sure, that in your head are many ideas. In addition to the creation for Amoral, you have also a solo project. I admit that both formations sound similarly, and therefore I come to the conclusion that you need to have a head full of new texts, new music… What is your contribution to the work in these two projects?
– First of all, after I joined Amoral in 2008 the ”Ari Koivunen Band” went on a break and to
be honest none of us know when or if we will ever be active again. We all have a lot of
projects we are working on right now. In amoral Ben writes all the lyrics and Ben and Masi
most of the music, most of my contributions are in the vocal melody parts.

4. At what point did you start to learn how to growl? You sing clean so perfect, but your growl is also amazing!
– When we were talking about me maybe joining Amoral. Tho, I had done some backing
screaming/growling for some of the bands I’ve played drums for. It has always felt pretty
natural, but after joining the band I figured out some tricks how to do it even easier and so
that it doesn’t damage my voice at all.

5. What about the beginning with Amoral? Is your performance on the show Idol
contributed to knowing guys with band?
– Long story short, I liked the band and the former bass player from Amoral, Erkki, actually
played in Ari Koivunen Band. I was drinking with Amoral guys often after their shows in
Helsinki, and when I heard Niko was leaving the band I saw Ben at a club once and told him I could be interested in trying out for the band.

6. What can you say about the new album: „Fallen Leaves and Dead Sparrows”? Are you proud of the material?
– Really proud, this is by far the best stuff we’ve ever done. I like the long progressive
songs and the storyline and it’s great stuff to play live.

7. If you were to check out the new repertoire, what a genre it would be, or work with what band would be Your biggest dream?
– Pantera

8. Let’s talk about the tour with Dark Tranquillity. How did you begin this collaboration?
– To be honest, I have no clue. I’d guess our lovely manager made it happen and I’m really
happy it did. great tour with great people.

9. What can you say about the concert Wroclaw, have you seen some polish cities before this tour? What are your experiences with touring in Poland?
– Yeah, we’ve been in Poland before, last time two years ago with Ensiferum. I haven’t
really had time to walk around the city too much or anything, but the people have been
nice. Looking forward to coming back again.

10. As in a few sentences, you can encourage Polish listeners to listen to music of Amoral?
– Give it a go, what can you lose 😀 It’s very versatile, beautiful and heavy. I’m sure you
will enjoy it!

11. During this tour do you have discovered some new places, where you have a lot of fans?
– No new places really, but Germany was better than before I think.

12. You are a mobile person, do you like personally share your experiences with fans, eg. during the tour, or you don’t care about social media?
– I personally don’t care about social media that much but we do have the facebook pages
we try to update on tours and we just started an instagram account for the band as well. I
also posted some photos for my instagram account every now and then. But I prefer real
life over social media so I try to stay away from it as much as possible myself.

13. What kind of music do you listen privately? Is it very different from the one that you create?
– Yeah, if I do listen to music it’s usually rap, electro or game-music. Sure I listen to pretty
much every genre there is but I like to listen to music that has less vocal melodies to keep
my head fresh on my free time.

14. How you would rate your status in music: are you satisfied or you still looking for something for yourself?
– You should always be looking! If you think you’ve seen enough or done it all, you’re done.
I mean I’m satisfied in a way, but that doesn’t mean you should stop evolving.

15. What about today, what are your future plans related to music?
– The end of the year I’ll be still doing some acoustic duo gigs and the Raskasta Joulua
tour, after that I start working on a musical early next year. Amoral is finishing off writing
the new album and we will hit the studio early next year too, we also have some big
surprises for everybody, so stay tuned!