Angels of Liberty

In your music, we can hear obvious reference to the music of the
90’s – does this mean, that you don’t identify with modern music?
Both: We both grew up with the Gothic Rock of the early 90s. Both of us listen to a very wide variety of music but when it comes to making music we had clear ideas about the kind of music we missed. A lot of modern ‚Pop’ music these days is rubbish and the blame lies at the door of the major labels decide what gets invested in and promoted. Major Labels aren’t interested in art but only money and as their financial control has grown a rot has set in in the industry which can be seen in the charts today. However theres a lot of great underground music being made around the world which will outlive the fall of the major labels. One thing we did feel was that most of the spirit of what gothic rock was was lost when electro took over in the clubs and we wanted to go back to the roots and start again from there and pick up where things seemed to go sour about 1994 with the adoption of electro.

What fascinates you in the gothic music?
Voe : I think its ability to create vast imagery inside the mind and the feeling and spirit it caries. Both of us have been Goths since the late 80s when we were teenagers (yes we are that old) so were not new to it but the feeling we got when we first discovered Goth clubs and records haven’t died within us even if the scene has changed.
Scarlet : I think its hard to pinpoint exactly what it is that fascinates you. I think its even harder when years have past because theres so many aspects to it that you live through. What I would say is that you either are or are not Goth. If you are you ‚get it’ and it becomes something of an obsession. For both of us it outlasted even the era of Goth that we enjoyed the most.

How did you came with an idea to put up a band?
Both:We felt that the roots and spirit of Goth was totally missing from todays scene. There are still trad Goth bands but no one was quite doing it in the way we liked. What we wanted from the scene was a band with the right spirit, catchy songs and atmosphere something that sounded Goth had all the right influences but then also had a good dance floor sound with big drums. We both really liked Nosferatu, Witching Hour, Suspiria and Rosetta and there was nothing quite like that and nowhere nearly enough dry ice so we thought wed have a go ourselves. We mainly just did it for ourselves and didn’t expect there would be much interest so we were quite surprised with what’s happened since.

How would you describe modern gothic scene. Do you think the
gothic scene is still developing, or perhaps was pushed to the side
track and dominated by electro-pop music?
Scarlet; If you’d have asked us a few years ago wed have said it was terrible! The music in Goth clubs through the last decade has been the worst lazy electro rubbish and both of us have been puzzled at why Goth culture accepted it when it had almost nothing to do with its roots. It seemed to us that whereas music attracted people to Goth in the past recently Goth has now become only a fashion with electro music to fill the gap in the background.
Voe: In fact I stopped going out to clubs and as we say in the UK „I voted with my feet” and stayed away. I got fed up with pestering DJs to play something Goth all night and getting a bad name for myself. I have no problem with other music and some electronic music is very good but that not what i want to hear in a Goth club. What Id like to hear is something along the lines of „Temple of Love” or „Adrenaline” but new! The only problem is that theres been a complete lack of dance floor Goth for DJs to play.
Overall it has been sidelined by other genres and its also a little cheeky too as these genres borrow and steal from the genre but have no respect for it, they certainly don’t respect its spirit and beauty. I think the scene stopped developing for a while definitely however theres big changes going on. I don’t think Goth will ever go mainstream again like in the 80s and its probably healthy that it doesn’t but theres so many good bands developing now that the next few years will be quite vibrant I think. We have also issued a challenge with our label Secret Sin Records, that if any bands are interesting enough we will help them release music and invest in them.

In your opinion, nowadays where is artistic place of gothic music?
Voe:We are living in very interesting times at the moment and theres a real battle for expanded awareness/freedom verses control and tyranny. I believe its a war on consciousness. Its happening in every sector of life and in every country. The Goth scene is a microcosm of the larger world too and the dramas happening within the scene are like a smaller part of the whole. On the world stage we will either see a revolution and humanity win a victory for freedom or we will see more control and tyranny. In the same way in the Goth scene it really is about time we had some new vibrant music instead of continuously playing music of the past and emphasis on the same perennial uncaring tyrannical overlords. Id like to see a new vibrancy and creative freedom take root like it did in the early scene because its that newness and excitement of unexplored potential thats missing.

What id say about both the Goth scene and life in general is that if your unhappy with it, the only people who can change it is ourselves together, and if we believe we can then we will succeed. Certainly, if we look to old overlords to sort things out and stand up for our culture well only have more of the same po-faced crap and nothing will change because they don’t care for us Goths even though its us that put them where they are.

In last year released two EPs, and this year are you going to
release some new EPs?
Last year we did work very hard and put out two eps, 13 songs in total within about 2 months of each other. This year we’ve also been busy we put out a two track single Complicated an we’ve just now released a 16 track full album called Pinnacle Of The Draco.

Maybe this is time to record debut album? Do you have any plans,
and maybe you already record your debut album?
Well yes, we’ve been working on it this year its already on pre release so it’ll probably be out right now. Its called Pinnacle Of The Draco.

Where in the near future we will be able to hear you and see?
We will be playing live occasionally but not as much as other bands. There are plenty of rock n roll bands out there and both of us are more interested in the process of making records than live work. Thats why we started the project: a love of writing and recording, we didn’t start a band like a lot of people wanting to be rock stars or playing to huge crowds. We want to make the most of the time we have in writing and recording, thats what we love. We both believe that playing live isn’t as important as it used to be and more emphasis on getting good songs into clubs and expanding through multimedia and hard work at songwriting would be better. The second reason is both of us are now reclusive and we don’t like crowds so much. Both of us are considering shooting short films or playing live over the internet which would be better as it would reach a wider audience, plus wed probably turn to dust if we left the house. 😀

Before Angels of Liberty did you have any other project, or maybe
you still have?
Voe; Yes I’ve been in a few bands before. Unfortunately though they weren’t always the kind of bands i would have liked to be in musically so they weren’t Goth. One of the bands i worked with got to work with Dave Allen who produced the Sisters first album so it hasn’t been all bad. In the past id always been in the background and never controlled the direction or sang so im really happy with what im doing now with Angels of Liberty. I just want to continue with that and see what happens and what we can do to shape the direction of things for the better.

Because this is an interview for the Polish website, do you know
something about Poland? maybe some Polish words or bands?
I do know a few polish words but i fear they are not polite words for polite company. I think the English words „for fucks sake” are the words i use the most daily so I guess knowing the polish words „kurwa mac’ would come in handy. 😀
I know that Poland has had a Goth scene that goes way back! I remember seeing bands from the UK leave to go and play in Poland and I could never afford to follow them! 😀 I’ve still got a video of Nosferatu playing in Poland in the 90s somewhere in my collection with Nial Murphy on vocals….
I know a little about polish history but what interests me is whats going on there recently with the protests. We haven’t had much protests here in the UK but i know we will eventually so ive been watching things and hoping the people get their way. All the people across Europe are all in the same boat now the only thing we all need to realize as a people is that there are many more of us that those who rule us.

At the end, do you want say something to our readers?
„Serdecznie dziekuje” & „Long Live Goth Rock!”