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Interview with Angela from Arch Enemy 23.01.2012r.

Regarding the new album cannot fail to meet with the opinion that your old style has changed. Album differs from its predecessors and aroused much controversy. Does this change was intentional and whether Arch Enemy still looking for your style?

Angela: Khaos Legions sounds a 100% like Arch Enemy. Not sure what you mean with it sounding different/being controversial. You hear the first notes of Yesterday Is Dead And Gone and you know it’s an Arch Enemy album. We have our signature sound – no other band sounds like we do.

How do you pass tour promoting the album „Khaos Legions”? There are some events that will remember for a lifetime?

We played a really intimate promotional show in a German youth club where I basically started out with my first band Asmodina in the early 90ies. That was special for me. Also, shooting a DVD on this album touring cycle in my hometown Cologne is something I will always remember.

Congratulates the great clip for the song „Yesterday is dead and gone” and live music video to „Bloodstained cross” from the album „Khaos Legions”. Do realization comes into play next music video?

Yes, we are going to shoot another video in the end of March this year.. Still haven’t decided yet which track though.

Arch Enemy is no longer an amateur band. Do you feel, that you have reached the apogee of your career, whether you have within you the strength to reach for something more?

We are still growing with every album – but truth is, we are an extreme metal band. We will never have the commercial success more mainstream bands have. We don’t care. We are happy with what we got, we got amazing fans all over the world and we refuse to compromise our sound. We love extreme metal, so we will stay extreme. We do not want to be the next Metallica.

By the way, let’s go back to history. When released in 2001 album „Wages of Sin” was a gradual increase in popularity the band. Undoubtedly, the greatest merit is Angela. In retrospect, do you feel, that Angela has become your key to success, if only its component among many others?

Well, I certainly brought some well-deserved attention to a great metal band. But the continues success is down to our hard and relentless touring and work ethic. I manage Arch Enemy, so it’s the business decisions as well that make or break us. So far it seems I have done a good job, on and off stage.

By those over 10 years of playing in this band, you never had the feeling, that you are tired of each other?

No, we are family. We love what we do together. We respect each other. Why would I get tired of my best friends who also happen to be the best metal musicians I have ever met?

What is the process of creating new songs Arch Enemy? Everyone is working alone at home, or do you take from the common jam session during rehearsals?

Michael jams a lot with Daniel and Sharlee. He’s def. the driving force when it comes to creating new music and he loves to do it the old school way.

How much important is for you often scrolling in your lyrics password: „revolution”, „chaos”, „anarchy”? I can safely say, that these passwords are an integral part of Arch Enemy!

Well, this is what metal should be about – chaos, anarchy and revolution! We are not a ’rock’n’roll party band’ we are angry, aggressive and political in a ’fuck you all’ kind of way. The music, the looks and the message of Arch Enemy are one entity.

In your account, you have two Live DVDs, and the third was registered on December 13 in Cologne. Can you say something about this? Are you planning any extra add-ons for the fans?

We are planning to release a new DVD sometimes in 2013 or 2014 that will document the ’Khaos World Tour’ cycle.. We will film more shows for this DVD. I felt it would be very special though to capture a show in the town where I was born and raised a metal head

Do you have time to visit during a tour? What do you do when on the tour caught up you boredom?

I am never bored. I have way too much work to do. I go for walks, explore the area around the venue.. I like to watch people in ordinary street life situations. I am not big on ’sight seeing’ trips. Real life interests me more than ancient monuments.

About metal music you can say anything, right? So which country/countries, playing is the best metal on the world in your opinion?

It is best to play metal EVERYWHERE. This is one world, I don’t see countries anymore. Music has no borders and we feel we have no borders. Metal fans are passionate about their music wherever you go. We are one big family.

On youtube are a lot of covers of your songs. Sometimes you watch these covers on youtube? What do you think about these covers? I also play covers of your songs, practice playing the guitar and growl, and I’m curious as you reacting to such videos?

No, I don’t really watch clips like that.. I am more interested in musicians who create their own thing as opposed to covering others.. That’s a fun thing to do but doesn’t say anything about the skill or talent of the respective musician.

As it is with that vegetarianism? None of you really do not eat meat? I confess that I prefer vegetarian also, but in Poland it is not popular, and such people are considered „queer”. Do you travel around the world, met with this opinion?

Eating meat is not cool but simply unhealthy, eco-unfriendly and cruel. We are all vegetarians because we believe change is necessary. I want to stay slim, fit and young looking, so I am vegan. I am 37 years old and in much better shape and much stronger than most people half my age. I am a living proof that being vegan kicks ass!

Focus on Poland. As you recall past 3 concerts in our country? Did you have the opportunity to meet with fans from Poland ?

The shows were good, metal fans in Poland are very passionate. We have always had problems with all promoters and getting paid in Poland so far, so we don’t know if we will play in Poland again.

Recently you play a lot of concert tour promoting the new album „Khaos Legions”. Are you planning in the near future a gig in Poland? Would will be the opportunity to meet with fans? In the poll „Best concert organized by United Visions in 2011,” you take 2nd place.

Like I said, if we find a trustworthy promoter, we’d love to come back.

By the way: In Poland, you have probably the freshest and most active FanClub around the world, which brings together, fans from around the world practically. Do you know something about it? What do you think to this type of commitment to the fans?

I think it’s great when people get together like this, supporting their fave bands.. The music biz has become very difficult and bands really need all the support they can get to survive.

At the end: I will ask you for a few words to the „Polish Khaos Legions”?

Thank you for raising the black khaos flag in Poland for us high! Stay pure fucking metal – hope to thrash with you again in the future!

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