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Interview with Amberian Dawn 27.01.2012

On 29th February 2012 will be released your new album „Black Circus”. Tell me, what is for you this album ? A dream come true, or maybe unpleasant necessity ?

Tuomas: This album is best AD album so far, I think. The music of AD has evolved during all these years and this album represents very well all different sides of AD’s music. I can’t hardly imagine, why should making of any album be somehow unpleasant…At least I wouldn’t like to be part of any band in which making of an album would be unpleasant. For me, every AD album is a dream “come true”.

Looking at the tracklist of your new album I couldn’t find any title in Finnish. Does this mean, that unfortunately we will not hear any song on your album in that language ?

Tuomas: Yep, on this album we don’t have any songs written with Finnish lyrics. Heidi has written all of our lyrics so far, and I think that she writes everything based on the feelings she gets from the music. Maybe these songs weren’t so suitable for Finnish language.

I will not deny, that when I saw the cover of the new album and I got to know the title, I thought, you would like to emulate another Finnish band – Nightwish. Don’t you afraid of such comparisons and such similarity between the „Black Circus” and „Imaginaerium” ?

Tuomas: Amberian Dawn have been compared with Nightwish all the time and from the very beginning of our career. I don’t blame people doing so. Maybe some people just can’t hear the difference between AD and NW. I have also mentioned before that everyone listens to music with their own way and hearing music is always a very personal experience. But how could AD emulate some new NW album cover anysays? As far as I know, when NW released their new cover art and album, we had been working with our own album nearly a year already. So, if someone would like to believe that AD have spies on NW’s facilities or something, then it would be possible to emulate their covers or something. So, the answer is obviously „No”. We haven’t been spying NW’s recording sessions, or their work with their cover art. We’ve been working with own our material at the same time instead.

On your album, there were also guests: Timo Kotipelto and Jens Johansson. Tell me, how your cooperation looked like while recording the album ?

Tuomas: Working with Jens was easy because I’ve known him for a couple of years now and we’re kind of soul mates, I think. We also respect each other very much as musicians and maybe that’s the reason for our enjoyable co-operation so far. I was surprised about how good singer Timo Kotipelto was when he visited our recording studio. He’s really good singer and he’s voice fits perfectly the song „Cold Kiss” on which he performs. Timo is also a very nice person but I haven’t spent so much time with him yet, than I have had with Jens.

On your website we can read, that for the first time you used the real choirs and your music will be more symphonic. Does that mean, that Amberian Dawn finally found its musical path ? Or rather it’s a single event, the experiment ?

Tuomas: The music of AD has evolved during all these years and the style of music has also varied between our albums. It’s really impossible for me to say, that AD „has found its musical path”, because at different times I write different kind of music. I’ve never restricted myself musically with specializing on just one special genre of music. I’ve written very different kind of songs, including power metal and AOR for example. So, the musical way exists and upadates itself every day and all the time.

Tuomas compose all music for Amberian Dawn and Heidi writes lyrics. Does this mean, that the other members of AD have nothing to say ? And who is it the leader of the band ?

Tuomas: I write all the music in AD and Heidi writes all lyrics based on those songs. That’s our way to go. I’m the musical director in AD.

Heidi, you have a very beautiful voice. Please tell me where did you learn to sing ? Maybe you are still learning ?

Heidi: Thank you. I started my classical training at the age of 14. I´ve also sung in many choirs and singing groups in the past. At the moment I´m studying classical singing at the Helsinki conservatory a Finnish opera singer Hanna-Leena Haapamäki as my new teacher.

Speaking of Heidi’s voice. Heidi did you ever consider giving your fans some advices, for example: how take care of vocal cords or a few singing lessons on you tube or facebook ? I know, that many fans of AD learn to sing on their own somewhere in the recesses of their houses, and your advice would be very valuable for them.

Heidi: Some people send me questions about where they could start taking lessons or are they too old to start singing studies. For them who are interested in singing I like to say that you are never too old to sing and therefore you can always benefit from the work you do to free you voice and learn better technique. But if you want to become a professional it is always better to start earlier. But still, you shouldn´t start too hard technical training too young. You could also seek for a local choir and start from there. Singing is more fun when there is more people and you don´t need to sing by your self. I think that music should play a bigger active role in our lives, especially singing. Singing has a lot of therapeutical effects and we need them in our hectic lives. Singing starts from your breathing – think about how your emotions effect your breathing ( laughter, cry, angst etc.) and you´ll get the point.

Are you planning to shoot music video ? If yes, can you tell to which song ?

Tuomas: Yes, we’re producing a new music video of song called „Cold Kiss”. It’s the same song on which Timo Kotipelto is singing and hopefully we manage to get him to appear on this video too. This video is planned to get released before our new album comes out, so we can expect this video to be released during February 2012.

Following the release of the new album you are certainly planning a tour. Can we expect you in Poland ?

Tuomas: Arranging any tour is very hard nowadays. And because the record sales in general are dropping down and downloading music illegally is getting more popular, the records labels are even more careful with their tour support for bands. People should understand that record labels are the main financiers of tours. And if people don’t want to pay for music, also the numbers of bands being able to tour gets fewer because the labels can’t afford to give tour support anymore. Our goal and dream is still to tour widely in Europe and Poland also is a very interesting country. We’ve already performed in Poland once before, on 2008 with Epica. Let’s see if we can make a tour happen during 2012. It’s not just about our desires though…

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