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Interview with Amaranthe 16.02.2011r.

You want to release your debut album on spring of 2011 can you tell us some details? What we can expect from your album?
Yes. The album is gonna be released in Europe in early April and following territories a month or something later. The album is gonna be self-titled, and is gonna be promoted with at least 2 singles.

What to expect you ask.
Well, First of all we’re one of the first metal act ever to have 3 singers in the band. Me-Jake on clean vocals, Elize on female vocals, and Andy on screams! This collaboration makes it quite interesting to start with. Music wise we’ve mixed a lot of different influences. Everything between In Flames and ABBA. We’re all thrilled to get the first response from the fans!

You have more and more fans, during recording debut album do you feel some pressures?
The biggest pressure always lies on your own shoulders. I always try to push myself to do better then I did on the last recording/demo/ or live performance. We were overwhelmed with the feedback and support we got on the last years tour with Kamelot so for sure I feel that we really have to give them something extra this time!

When can we expect the first single promoting your album?
We actually just recived the news from our Record label today! The first single „hunger” is set to be released February 28th. This is also gonna be followed up by a video made by video superstar Patric Ullaeus (In Flames, Dimmu Borgir, Kamelot)

What was beginning of Swedish-Danish co-operation? Did you knew each other before?
That cooperation started in a tour bus somewhere in Europe when Olof (Guitar) and Morten (Drums) shared the same buss as they did a tour together with their other bands at that time. (Nightrage) and, well the band that Morten played in at that time ( I cant remember it right now) Arcane Order or something. Olof and Morten became good friends and a year later or something as Amaranthe (Avalanche at that time) started to be more then just a project in the computer. Olof Directly said that we’re gonna have Morten Behind the drums 🙂 So we asked him to join and that’s where we are today.

There is 3 singers in band. Where did you get this idea?
Actually it was just a coincident! Me and Olof started this band as a project based on that we wanted to have some famous artist from the „Gothenburg Metal scene” to participate in it. before we even got there we asked Andy to just help us out with some screams and it was the same story with Elize. I remember I called Andy one day when the mix was done of the song he helped us with and just toled him that .-„you’re in the band” haha And I don’t think we even asked Elize to join actually, It just was something that fell naturally in place.

Why did you change the name of band, Avalanche to Amaranthe in 2009?
We actually got sued by a cover band from Sweden that belonged to a couple of guys in their mid fifties. I just got a call one day where they said that we own the rights to this name in Sweden. They thought that we had a lot of money for some reason. and claimed that we had earned this money with the help from their name. We had just started the band and we had 50.000 plays on our myspace page while they had 16 Anyway, they filed a lawsuit for 30 000 € at us so we had no other option then to change the name. Today I’m pretty happy that it happened as I think Amaranthe is a way better name then Avalanche.

In 2011, you will go on tour with Kamelot again, do you think that the tour with Kamelot is for Amaranthe chance? What do you think about it?
Yes It’s gonna be a hell of a ride! must say that Kamelot is one of the kindest pack of people I’ve ever meet in my whole life. And on top of that they’re a hell of a live act! I started my singing career in my old rehearsal room practicing Kamelot songs and ten years later I’m touring with them. Must say that it was a dream come true last year. This tour is of course even more special as we have an album out at that time to promote. And I can wait to meet the fans again. Kamelot have the best fans and they really embraced us with open arms last year so now it’s our turn to give something back inform of a great show!

Do you have any musical dreams? For example get some award or visit any country?
My dream since I was 19 years old has always been to be a professional musician and to tour the world make albums and met the fans. You’ll never know how long it lasts so I’m just trying to do my absolute best and to deliver great songs and a great stage performance. I’ve also always dreamt about playing in the states and that was a dream come true when I joined kamelot Last year at Prog Power in Atlanta! A fantastic festival which I totally recommend everyone which haven’t been there to go to!

How did your adventure with music started?
From the start I really wanted to become a professional ice hockey player. But when an Injury set a stop for that when I was 18 years old I started to focus on my musical career instead. I’ve always been in to metal since I was 5 years old and my uncles which where ten years older then me gave me new mix tapes every other week. One thing led to another and this is where I stand today. So In case someone doesn’t like me in the scene. Blame my uncles hahaha

Are you are singer in two bands Amaranthe and Dreamland. It’s probably not easy to reconcile work in two bands?
We all have other bands besides Amaranthe. Though Amaranthe of course is prio #1 During this three years that Amaranthe has been alive it has only happened once that things been double booked. And one time Dreamland actually played right before Amaranthe at a festival in Sweden. But without the understanding from the band members in the other bands this would never had worked.

At the end you could tell me what are Dreamland plans for future?
Unfortunately our label Dockyard one went bankrupted last year so right now the band is without a label. But we’re writing new material all the time and will hopefully have a new album out in 2012.

Thanks for a great Interview and I hope to see you all out on the road!

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