On the begining, I want to congratulate You the excellent album „Before The Dawn”. I had the opportunity to listen to Your music and made me the most positive impression. Nevertheless, I’m curious what do You think of this album? What is for You this album?
alex gl (singer, guitar player, songwriter):
Creating this album was not easy for us.  This is the debut album, we tried to make it sound as good as possible, original, so that people could hear first of all us, ALIVE, not just a mix of some other famous bands.


Two songs on the album are in a language other than English, as I think it is Russian? Although I could be wrong. Tell me, where the idea to sing on the album in a language other than English?
Those two songs are in rusiian. One is called Zdes I Seichas (Here And Now), another is called Navsegda (Once And For All). In spite of the fact that we live in Moldova, we are more rusiians than moldovans, and russian is our native language. Thats why we decided to have some songs recorded in Russian. We don’t belong to local Moldavian ethnic group – Moldova is a republic of former USSR, but we and our parents were born in Russia, Moldova and Ukraine.

Resolves Your music as alternative melodic-metal, but I’m on Your
album, somewhere in the background I could hear the gothic sounds.
Does the music Alive was also a place for gothic? Could this the case?
I’ve been to many countries and lived in Finland for some years, thats why our music is really influenced by such bands as Sentensed, HIM, To Die For, Charon, Entwine etc. So we can easily say we are some kind of gothic). By the way, earlier songs of Alive sounded more like gothic/love-metal (such as Redemption, for example). By the way this album is a bit experimental – we are getting heavier and more modern, more metalcore/nu-metal like than let’s say love/metal.


How formated the band Alive? Did You have any bands before Alive
I used to play and sing in some bands of various styles in Ukraine. Also recorded vocals for „Fozen Sky” album of a famous power-metal band Conquest. After that i finally decided to start my own band when i returned back to Moldova in 2007. I played in a church long ago also 🙂

Where did the idea for name to Your band called „Alive”? On the World is a lot of bands with that name. Are not You afraid, that people will confuse You with them bands?
We are not worried about other bands called the same way. We have our music and our fans. And the name is full of senses. Actually the name is „Alex Gl’s ALIVE”, so it’s ok for us.

Are You planning to shoot a promotional video for the album „Before The Dawn”?
There is an idea of shooting some music videos, but there are very few clipmakers which could make it the way we want it to be here in Moldova. But videos will be for sure earlier or later.

What is inspiration from bands while recording this album?
As I told previously, we are inspired by northern Europe metal music, appretiating classic american rock and modern metal as well. We don’t really want to copy some band’s style, but anyway one could hear something similar to finnish metal and some NWOAHM bands. But still we prefer different kinds of music – or keyboard player is doing his dark electro/industrial „Project:Chaos”, bass player likes jazz, funk and fusion for example.

How is with tour? Is there any chance for You to hear it in Poland?
We are usually touring in Ukraine. Of course it would be a pleasure for us to come to Poland if somebody invites us :)))

What are Your plans for the future?
The plans are to go further, to write new songs, to tour, shoot some music videos and get more and more perfect in what we do.

Since this is an interview for the Polish website, it is impossible not to ask: Do You know any Polish bands? Or maybe were You ever in this country?
Our drummer Eugen has been to Poland. And of course we know many polish guys, particularly really heavy bands such as Behemoth, Crionics, Vader, Hate, REGICIDE DECEASE, Asgaard, Cemetery Of Scream, UnSun and others.

Is there something what You want to say to Your fans?
Nothing is easy – whether it is making music, private life or creating something else. But no matter how hard you try you must never stop achieving your goal. Maybe you will never get what you want, but dont even dare to waist your life not trying, just sitting and doing nothing. Metal is music for strong people. And its not just music, its the way of living and thinking first of all. As Arahorn from my favourite movie The Lords Of The Rings said: „There Is Always Hope”. So may you be inspired by this idea. And sex, fun and rock-n-roll forever and always!!! Take care of yourself and thanks for appreciating our creativity!