Alexandra Revontulet – wywiad.

1. This year you’ve released your debut album called „Hear me”.
I had a chance to listen to this album and I need to say, that this album is so cool!
Could you say something about „Hear me” to people who never heard your cd?
Thank you, Patrycja!
First of all, you definitely have to listen to „Hear Me”, if you like Symphonic Metal! There are lots of beautiful orchestral parts, choirs and strong rhythm section.

2. Revontulet is symphonic metal band from Russia, but on your album is song called „Suomi”. Alexandra, do you have Finnish origins or maybe you love this awesome country?
Well, Sergey, the drummer of Revontulet, has Finnish roots. But actually, yes, we do love that country, its nature and metal bands! 🙂

3. Do you planning a shoot music video, that bring people to your music?
We’d love to make a video for a song from „Hear Me”! Don’t know, which one yet… But it should be a video with a story, for sure! We have to think about the plot and the script, and about the budget of course. Maybe we could use another crowdfunding campaign, like we did for the album.

4. What’s about the tour? When we can see your band live?
It would be wonderful to tour with the band around the world. Hope we’ll have a chance to do it. For now we are open to any offers 😉

5. Alexandra, you write a lyrics to Revontulet band. Say something about your inspirations.
Inspiration is a very important thing, but I guess, nobody really knows how this state appears…Basically, there are only three themes to write about: life, love and death. And any combination of them.

6. Do you’ve another music bands or maybe you sing only in Revontulet?
I sing and write only for Revontulet. Sergey used to play with other bands. But now we have a lot of work to do with this one. Maybe, someday we’ll make another interesting project. Who knows.. 😉

7. How the plan for 2014 has a band Revontulet?
Generally, promote the album, then have some rest, and then write new music!