Ace of Hearts – Monster (ang)

1. Eternal Life
2. Monster
3. Blood Stained Love
4. Elixir or Poison
5. From Leaves to Hearts
6. Teardrops
7. So Many Words
8. Happiness Is Only Real When Shared
9. The Revenge

When I took to listening this album, I didn’t know, what I can really expect.
From one side I thought, that this album „Monster” could be total flap and from the other side I expected, that will be something what caught my ear and will be a nice accent on this album.
The CD fortunately didn’t turn out to be the flap and even a few numbers from the album sitting in my head.
Unfortunately it is not so rose and colorful.
Songs on the album are obviously kept in a gothic rock climates, they have catchy melodies and typical of this genre texts.
I can see and actually hear, that the whole band worked on the cd and each of musicians gave from himself to the maximum.
I feel, that the musicians really play with passion and not as a punishment as it happens on the albums of other bands which through the respect here I won’t mention
Vocalist of band Ace of Hearts enjoys play with his voice and this album is a perfect show for him of vocal skills.
Nevertheless, what for me is a minus,it’s fact, that his voice too much reminding the voice of Ville Valo.
If I didn’t know, that I listen to Ace of Hearts would have thought more than once, that I listen to new album of HIM.
With the rest so as a matter of not only the singer’s voice, we can associate with this Finnish band.
The climate on the cd „Monster”, corresponds to the climates of earlier albums HIM.
Of course I realize that boys from Ace of Heart, can be inspired music of HIM and a music which they are playing is also a gothic rock and love metal, but nicely would be to guys a bit more will show themselves.
I also understand, that kind of music the guys can feel and love, but as I wrote, on this album I cannot hear Ace of Heart in 100%.
I don’t feel, that it is on their album, their album thought over of which they dreamed of.
Listening to this CD I have not resisted the impression that I listen to very good, but it copies of the band HIM. And as I wrote already heard that the guys love to play and put their to this album, but somewhere in all this forgotten part of themselves to put.
A pity and it large. However it doesn’t remain for me to believe that on the next album, I hear already fully Ace of Heart, and the album „Monster” I’ ll treat as the beginning of the road of this band. I rate the CD on strong 7, for the fact that guys put a lot heart in its recording, the cool catchy melodies and play voice vocalist’s.
Anyway, I recommend the album, for the fans of HIM and related Finnish bands such as The 69 Eyes, Negative, or even Lovex.
The strongest songs on the album are: „Eternal Life”, „Monster” and „Teardrops”.
Overall rating: 7 / 10

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