Damjan Deurić (Demether)

1. Your fans have been waiting for a new Demether release for quite some time – it’s been a few years, could you tell us why that is? Were you taking a break?
– Hello to all Polish goths and metalheads! It’s true, we’ve made a long break since the last
published song. The reasons were various, mostly related to Dunja’s obligations and plans, as well as my own. She has been busy with her studies and engagements with the choirs, and I have dedicated myself to studio work and touring with a few other bands here, as well as working on my solo material. Now we are back! Along with an old companion, Attila, whom you certainly remember as our original drummer, we have also obtained some „fresh blood” through Agnes on bass/vocals and Mihajlo on guitar.

2. You released a new, beautiful song „Two Roses”, could you tell us something about this track? Who wrote the lyrics and who composed the music?
– „Two roses” is a story about two sisters who lived almost a century ago. The song, in a way, is a personal relic of the innocence and childhood in the countryside of Vojvodina, rather than just a song about death. The video for the song is made in honour of that memory, but also as a reminder for people living here today, of a beautiful serenity that our streets had way back when – the kids were playing outside, people were talking to each other at the street corners… It is, among other things, an homage to the typical architecture of the time, with spotlight at the, socalled, Einfarth gate. I wrote both the lyrics and the music.

3. You have also released another track, „Child of Today”. What can you tell us about this song, and the music video, of course?
– This song is a reflection of our collective, deeply personal environmental awareness. Both the lyrics and the video have a postapocalyptic vibe and represent the ever lingering threat of what might happen to all of us, to the entire world, should we refuse to change our minds and deeds. Some parts of the video are „borrowed” from a short film „Not Life Safe”, which carries the same message about the pollution and a possible outcome of people’s actions on this planet.

4. You’ve released two songs, so when do you think you’ll be releasing the album? Could you tell us something about it?
– Full length album is on its way, and it’s currently at the mastering stage. I still can’t determine the exact track count, because there will be some in’s and out’s at the last moment, as usual 🙂 The only thing that’s for sure is that it will contain at least 12 songs, and it will be published by the end of winter.

5. What about your touring plans? Any gigs in 2015? Poland maybe?
– There has been some discussion about making mini-tours in the summer and autumn, we have even been negotiating some dates, since we’re trying to arrange more or less of a tight schedule, so the first tour after 7 years would include all the countries in the neighbourhood where people want to see us. The exact tour dates will be announced on our official website, www.demether.eu as well as on our FB page.

6. Damjan, you’ve released a solo album, „Just Vintage”. Please, tell us something about this project?
– Now, how should I put it, without sounding Monthy Python-ish 🙂 My first solo album is
completely different from anything I’ve ever done. The very name, „Just Vintage”, is the best description of its sound and perspective. I’ve used vintage instruments, so it sounds a bit 70’s. Another interesting fact is that it’s actually a duo work, namely, only keyboards and drums (by Attila Benkö of Demether), recorded live in full, except for some overdubs and effects. I have plans of doing more similar albums in the future, which would include some other guests as well, but it will have to wait for a suitable moment, since Demether is currently taking up all of my time.

7. The other Demether members also have their own projects or bands?
– Yeah, for better or for worse 🙂 All of us are 100% in music, one way or another. Attila is a
session drummer in a number of projects, Mihajlo has his own fusion trio, and Agnes and Dunja are focused primarily on classical music (singing, teaching, choir conducting etc). All in all, we are one loud and pretty eclectic family.

8. Demether’s plans for 2015?
– First of all, album release, along with three more videos, as well as mini-tour plans. After that, another big project will be released, probably by the autumn of 2015, which would include Demether, but that will be announced when the time comes.

9. Is there something you would like to say to your Polish fans?
– Thanks for the support after all these years! We hope we’ll see each other soon. Until then, write, comment, like, dislike, yell and sing and, mostly, be happy 🙂
Na zdrowie & Živeli 🙂