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Interview with Jeroen (Izegrim) 25.02.2012

In 2011 You released the album „Code of Consequences”, can You say in hindsight, is there anything on the album would You like to change ?

Jeroen: No, I would not change anything. We worked our asses of on this record to make it sound exactly the way we wanted it to be. I know that this is the best album we could possibly release at that time. Sure, in the meantime (Code of Consequences has been released a year ago) we’ve evolved as a band and did a shitload of gigs. This does not mean the we look back on this album with mixed feelings.

Exactly is one year since Your last album, can You already speak of a successor to the „Code of Consequences”, is still too early ?

Currently we are busy writing new material. It is however too early to talk about a successor. At this moment I really cannot estimate how long we will need to complete the process of writing a full-length. Songs need time to mature, just like good wine and we don’t want to rush ourselves with the process of writing and composing.

Izegrim, it’s a band, that comes from the Netherlands, I will not hide the fact, that for me and many people, if a band comes from Netherlands, it is associated with bands like Within Temptation and Epica, and therefore more symphonic metal, not death / thrash metal, say Your music is like taken in Your country ?

Wow, you never heard of Asphyx (album of the month in almost every media), Hail of Bullets, Pentacle, nor a Pestilence ? I think those are examples of some great death/thrashbands from the Netherlands. It’s true that Within Temptation, Epica or Mayan are booming (music)export-products, but they play in a different league compared to Izegrim. I would rather be associated with the first bands I mentioned, think they are closer related to us.

In 2008 You played a concert in Poland. It’s been several years, say when we can expect, that You visit us again ?

I hope, that we can announce some awesome news within a few weeks. It was one of our best gigs during the European tour with Flotsam & Jetsam. Although we had to play early (I can remember that I still was asleep in the tourbus 40 minutes before showtime), it was absolutely fabulous. An awesome experience to see so much people going crazy and playing with bands like Megadath and Vader. A day I will remember forever.

Over the years formation of the Izegrim has been changing several times. How it reflects on current activities Izegrim ?

With the line-up change in May 2008 a new period for Izegrim started. We recruited Ivo on drums and Marloes took over all the vocal duties of Kristien. The four of us knew that “taking the band to a higher level” could only be achieved by working as hard as we ever did. It really was a turning-point in our careers. Till 2008 we kept everything kinda low-level with Izegrim as some members also had other interests that consumed too much of their precious time. Now, with the new line-up we all are 100% dedicated to the band. Theres no doubt that signing with Listenable also will help us significantly to rise from the underground scene.

I’m interested, what bands are inspire to You, and what bands You listen to on a daily basis ?

All the bandmembers have different kind of favorite bands, but the main thing is: it sounds like Izegrim when we put all these styles together. Bart, the guitarplayer likes Nevermore, Carcass to even Cannibal Corpse. Ivo,the drummer is found of the more technical stuff like Textures and Sylosis. Marloes and I tend to listen more to thrashy music like Exodus and Kreator. Voila, and when mixed together you might hear some Izegrim within this melting pot, haha !
Inspiration can come from anything, at any moment. I always have a recording-tool within reach to record new ideas. Both Bart and I have a pro-tools setup at home, where we can record all our guitar-riffs. These are the blue-prints/fundament for the songs. We have the luxury of our own rehearsal-room where we can practice with the band 24/7. These ‘rough’ ideas we record at home, we work them out to proper songs in our rehearsalroom. It’s always better to compose and arrange the songs with real drums, instead of the midi drums we use at home.

This is an interview for Polish page, I would like to get to know, do You know any words in Polish, or any bands from Poland ?

If we have to play abroad we always learn one very important word for that particular country: beer !! So, yes; because we’ve played before in Poland, like you mentioned earlier, we know exactly one word. Enough to keep us going, haha.
There are some brilliant bands from Poland, of course the mighty Behemoth (going to see them in a couple of days, together with Decapitated, also from Poland), our labelmates Hate, I even think there’s a CD for The Acid Drinkers somewhere over here!

The recently released Your new video „Victim of Honor”. What can You say about it ?

This video is intended to bridge the gap between Code of Consequences and our new, to be released, album. It’s the openingstrack from the CD. We worked together with producer Arno Zuidgeest, who also shot the first videoclip for us. Furthermore we’ve got 2 actors in it, the lady is a dutch Playmate and her ‘husband’ is a friend of us and (always) a drunk scumbag, which was very helpful during the shoot.

How is plans of band in the future ?

Writing, writing, writing. That’s basically it. We have some shows in between and we are still working hard to get Izegrim on a European tour. So, watch our website(s), we could possibly play in Poland again in years, that would be a blast !

On the internet I can find lots of comments hostile to You, in which people compare Your work to Arch Enemy, how do You refer to this ?

You think it’s hostile ? In metal people always tend to compare bands, instead of describing the music. One can always find musical correspondences when comparing 2 bands within the same genre. We’re getting compared to Arch Enemy very often. I don’t have a problem with it, when it’s based on the music. Sure, there are some similarities when listening to the voices of Marloes and Angela. But then again: how many male vocalist do sound the same, yet nobody complains about that.
We’ve used female grunts since the start of Izegrim in 1996, for us it’s nothing new, nor something we try to ‘copy’ from AE. It’s silly that we aren’t compared to ANY other band than just Arch Enemy, it’s getting kind of predictable. Some reviews say that some parts remind them of Kreator, Carcass or even Bolt Thrower, just to name a few. Actually, we find our influences in bands like At the Gates, Kreator, Carcass and even Cannibal Corpse or Nevermore. It’s somewhat strange that over and over again the Arch Enemy comparison is following us. Our sound is much rawer and dirtier. Ah well, there are worse bands to be compared with, but once in a while it seems that people are a bit narrowminded with their conclusions. On the other hand: if we sell as much cds as Arch Enemy, you don’t hear me complain, hahaha !!

At the end: I can ask You for a few words for Your polish fans ?

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that we will play in Poland again in 2012, I still have such good memories to 8 March 2008 when we played at Katowice. Hope to see you all soon, and keep an eye on our website, we might have some interesting news soon !
Cheers !!

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