Juho Kauppinen (Korpiklaani)

Hello guys! How are you? Big thanks for accepting our request about interview!
We are doing alright and it is fantastic to be on tour with Metsatöll, because they are definitely one of the best bands to tour with. They are musically pretty close to us and in addition very good company.

The “Manala European Tour 2013” has begun! Are you are motivated and positive attitude? Or maybe are you a little bit stressed?
Touring always has its pros and cons. The advantages are being able to play a concert every day, being with good people and enjoy discovering new landscapes. The disadvantages are being separated from our families and lack of privacy, because you need to share the bus with a lot of people for several weeks. All in all, pros always outweigh cons.

This is a very busy time for you. Referring to the tour- it will be nice to welcome you again in our country! You will come to us for 4 concerts- thanks for the recognition! As history shows-fans here can count on you!
The Polish audience is definitely among the very best audiences we have ever had. In Poland they absolutely know how to party.

You released the new album, „Manala”, last year. Already we can speak of the success. Each new album is at higher level and more popular. How is it possible that you play better? There is no shortage of ideas for you?
The band naturally enjoys writing new music and giving concerts so much that it would be out of the question not to keep it this way. That’s why we tour a lot and record a lot of new albums. Melodies keep cropping up, so it would be stupid not to let them land on our albums.

You run like a rocket! You release albums at a dizzying pace. Have you already begun to work on creating the material for the next album?
Yes, there are constantly new songs in process, because music is our life. It would be impossible not to write songs that seem to come into existence naturally.

You didn’t submit to globalization – on your CD-s, can find the songs in Finnish and English. Sentiment for national language?
The Finnish language suits the band, because Korpiklaani reflects the phenomena of the Finnish culture, so it is better for us to sing in Finnish. The listeners will memorize the lyrics anyway.

What is the position of folk metal in your country? How it relates to the rest of the world?
Folk metal has become increasingly popular and it seems our band has gained acceptance even in Finland. You need to tour the world before establishing yourself in your own country.

Have you the concept of the texts of band? These are topics on which you focus, or that you avoid?
The lyrics are pretty much about the Finnish culture and mythology and we will certainly keep it this way.

2013 year will be the time to promote „Manala”? Besides the tour, will you take a part in bigger festivals?
Some summer festivals have already been confirmed. So have some more tours.

Referring to our country – there is something undeniably associate you with Poland? Besides vodka 😀
Poland is an important grain producer and I am pretty sure a lot of bread eaten in Finland is produced in Poland, if I am not mistaken.

We wish you the excellent concerts in Poland, full of emotion, in a hall filled to the brim with fans! 😉 Thanks for the interview. The last word is yours!
Thank you very much for the interview as well! See you soon in Poland!