Flinch (ang)

Interview with Flinch 23.09.2010r.


Flinch is popular name, there are a few bands called Flinch. Have you ever thought about change band name?
Flinch: we have thought about it when we started to play together, we didnt think that we need to change the name because there are bands called flinch but the reason that there aint no „original” flinch members except Ville left in this band… Still we wanted to keep the name coz we kind of continued Flinch story…


When your fans will be able to see your new album in stores?
Flinch: Hopefully soon, we have recorded our new single now and it will hit stores soon!!!

What we can expect from your new album? Are you planning any changes?
Flinch: It will have some changes, maybe step to more rock n roll.

Have you ever been in Poland? Or maybe you know any polish words?
Ville: I havent been in Poland but i know what „Kurwa” means 🙂

You have many supports on myspace, also polish, what do you think about people who are creating Flinch supports and what it means for you?
Flinch: Support pages/Street teams/ Fan pages they mean a lot, who ever mades support group means that he/she wants to tell everyone that he likes us and want everyone to hear our music. Thats what we want and if someone „outsider” wants it, whats cooler than that?!?

Do you want to say something to those people through this site BloodArt?
Flinch: I think that former answer did it but: THANK YOU ALL!!!!!

After Jaakko’s leaving, are you going to find another guitarist, I mean official member?
Flinch: We have now officialy anounced that „Kosti Amurista” from White Flame band is our new member. 

You are protecting your privacy, but what do you think about musicians who sell out their private life ? Do you think that good music can selling itself without selling out private life?
Haiwe: I dont think that biographys or even tv shows are bad things.. i like to read books about my favourite artists and i dont know anyone who sells he´s music only coz he sells hes private life… 

You’ performed show outside of Finland, for in Germany. Are you planning another gigs abroad Finland?
Flinch: We dont know yet. apparently we have many fans outside of Finland and we had much fun in Germany… Let´s hope we can come to as many countrys as possible!!!

It’s summer time, how Flinch is going to spend summer?
Flinch: Summer went doing a few gigs and finding our last missing member 🙂 After that we have made new songs and made things ready to our new single…

On „Polish Flinch and Uniklubi Forum” fans are curious if there is any possibility to see these bands together on tour or hear in one song? Or maybe you’re planning cooperate with other band? 
Flinch: Always is a possibility… We havent plan anything tough, but never say never…

Do you have stage fright before you go on stage?
Haiwe: Cant say FRIGHT.. maybe more like excitement or anxious. But yes, before every gig. 

What’s the craziest moment you’ve experienced or seen when playing live?
Haiwe: One most memorable thing was in Helsinki, we were playing ballad song called „Elämäänsä eksynyt” when guys from Parasite city and Rendez-vouz came to stage, showed their asses on the audience and danced away… 
Flinch-Tommi Tre: At one Wedding gig a bride stage-dived to audience and no one was catching up! (she was kind of big) she punched a head to the floor and hes skirt rised over head showing hes drum-kit sized ass….

Ville, do you think of something when you stand on stage and sing?
Ville: I dont think anything, i just enjoy the moment and go for it!

What mean for you all your fans?
Ville: Fans means everything to me.

What were you afraid of as a child?
Tommi Tre: That i would be late…
Ville: I was affraid of storm… 

Do you have any hero? For example in music, history or sport?
Tommi Tre: KISS

Do you have some dreams?
Ville: A gold record and family 

What are your plans for future?
Flinch: After our single has been released we continue to write our new record. Lots of gigs hopefully!

Last question, do you want to tell something to your polish fans who are reading this interview and waiting to see you some day in Poland?
Ville: Keep the fire burning and i hope that we can come as soon as possible to do a gigs in Poland!!!!!

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